Monday, September 10, 2012

Tip for Zucchini Cake all year around.

Wow, I have been busy and it hasn't been blogging. I'm pretty sad about that but I am happy to be working a temp job.  Anyone can work a job for a short period of time right? Plus this job has been a blessing. I have met new people and learned new skills. The people are great and it is such a pleasant atmosphere to work in.
I do hope to blog soon about that project I worked on the weekend of my birthday. In the mean time a tip for the Zucchini Cake. I had a huge zuchinni and wasn't able to use all of it in the cake AND didn't want it to go to waste. So I shredded it in 2 cup portions and put it in freezer baggies for use later. I made another cake just last week and took it to the office. The girls said it was delicious!
Have a super week and thanks for checking in on me.

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