Friday, March 8, 2013

Bath Remodel Day 2

Today did not seem very productive. I spent most of the morning scraping mortar and caulk off the tub. My husband had some time this afternoon and we were able to get some hardi backer hung. Had I known what a dust mess it makes when you cut hardi backer with a table saw I would have cut it outside. Wow, what a dust storm. I now have an inch of dust throughout the whole house and we were cutting it in the basement. When the batteries ran down on the cordless drill we ended for the day. I still felt I needed to continue with the progress so I cut drywall to patch the walls where the tile was as baseboard. Once we get to the point that the drywall needs taped and mud we plan to call a professionsl. Taping and mudding is not in our bag of tricks. We'll have the wall repaired where the mirror was glued also. Tomorrow we hope to be a little more productive. Thanks for checking in on me. :)

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