Monday, February 16, 2015

Office Chair Recover

One of these days when you check on me that ugly floor will be gone but for now let's concentrate on what is sitting on the floor. This chair is your basic student Office Depot desk chair purchase. I keep it in my kitchen because it's small. Fits under our little kitchen desk (also someday it will be gone) and it wheels to the kitchen table for that unexpected 5th person at dinner. This chair used to look like this.

Super ugly and plain, right? This is a quick and easy fix. I had leftover painters drop cloth from my Slipcovered Chair project. So I went to work.

This is what you'll need:
fabric of some kind
staple gun and staples
screwdriver or allen wrench

First flip that chair upside down. A little ingenuity and you'll figure out how to get the seat and back off. 

Now pry the cushions off using the tools of your choice.

Some models will allow you to remove the old yucky black fabric. Mine did not so I decided my canvas painters cloth was thick enough that you'd never be able to tell. I laid out the fabric over the pieces to be covered and cut. Giving each piece enough fabric to be wrapped around to the other side. Better to go too big than too small and waste your fabric. Start wrapping your fabric on your piece and tack it down using your staple gun. 

 The under side of the seat looks like this. 

The back side of the chair like this...

I had to tack the back of the seat in a few spots to attach it securely to the cushion. But if you have to and use a patterned fabric you wouldn't be able to notice it at all.

This was an easy recover and I had all the materials so it was free. Just what I like. Small update to our kitchen. Now to do something about that floor and those cabinets. 

Thanks for checking in on me. I know a few of you are waiting patiently for my freezer meals for 2. Soon, I promise it very soon. So keep checking back.


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