Friday, June 20, 2014

Apple a Day

I like apples and well that's a good thing. 
The more fruits & veggies the better, right? I'm typically a Gala fan but lately I've branched out and have been pleasantly surprised. The next time you visit the grocery store or farmers market look for a Kiku. Yummy! Very sweet.

The other apple I tried was Koru. Also a sweet apple.

If you have a favorite apple let me know.


Susann White said...

Your flowers are beautiful...I meant to comment way back when, but....

Have you tried the Fuji apple? Love, love, love them!

So good to see your beautiful face at the election office!

Linda Wohlford said...

Thanks Susann! It was good to see you too! Hope we'll see your lovely face before this election is over!

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