Friday, January 31, 2014

Baby Shower Fun!

I'm in a couples bible study group with couples all about the same age. So, needless to say we all have kids about the same age. Thus new joys come to the lives of those kids. This was our fun opportunity to host a baby shower. 

Theme: pink. We knew it was a girl, having been born a month earlier. Next step to Pinterest I go. What we did before Pinterest I can't remember. So glad for it. My friend Julie and I were hosting this together. She wanted to keep it simple and small. So I reigned in all my let's do it up big ideas and this is how we made this special day beautiful for Becky and new baby Madeline.

Bringing out the spring colored table cloth, I set up our games their. Right from Pinterest I printed the "Price is Right" Game. Making a copy for each player. I bought the items listed on the game. These will go to the new Mom when  our day is done. Things like diapers, jar of baby food, pacifier, baby shampoo and so on. Each guest had to guess the price of each item. I printed off the prices, used scrapbook paper to mount the price on one side and the name of the item on the other side, so that when it was time to reveal the price I simply flipped the card over. I also found the Price is Right theme music on You Tube and played it while introducing the game. That was fun.

The other game we played was "what's in your purse". Again a game I found and printed using Pinterest. Points are scored according to what you have in your purse. The prizes for each of the games was chocolates. What woman doesn't have a sweet tooth.

For decorations we also kept it simple. I have a local Carter's Outlet store near by so I purchased several cute little outfits as my gift to baby Madeline and hung them on a clothes line across the room. Sure we could have bought crepe paper and balloons but then you just throw them out. The clothes are useful. :)

Julie was on food detail. She makes an awesome cheesecake! She also brought trail mix and fresh fruit and some pink lemonade to boot. A few pink gerber daisy's in a vase, pink diaper pins and clothes pins scattered about the table and to top it off I framed the birth announcement.

What a perfect afternoon to spend with some lovely women and precious baby Madeline. What a blessing it was to be able to do this.

I hope you have a blessed day wherever you are.

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