Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vegetables Everywhere

Vegetables are in full abundance! I have 3 types of tomato plants that are just loaded with fruit. My green bell pepper is producing peppers larger than I have ever picked. And the green beans make a meal every night. On top of all of that my friends at work have been bringing in some of their bounty. Gigantic zucchini, a white squash we don't know what it is and some tiny eggplant called Fairy something or other. Oh and I know this might be hard to believe but I am trying for the first time growing cucumber in a large pot. It is doing well. Now I am not a vegetarian. I grew up in Iowa, they love their beef there. However, tonight I dined like a vegetarian. 

I was yummy!! Now that I have fresh tomatoes I'll have at least one every day. As my garden continues to produce, I hope you'll continue to check back in. I've been working on some projects that I want to share with you.


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