Friday, November 21, 2014

Wire Storage

This is what I see when I look under my craft/sewing table. I'm afraid the dogs will get wrapped in them and get hurt or I'll get wrapped in them and pull the sewing machine off the table. A quick run to Lowes is what would fix the problem. I purchased some cup hooks and screwed them into the under side of my table. To get a good placement I held the shelf upside down on the bottom of the table and made a little mark where I wanted the hooks to be. Make sure the cup hooks all face the same direction.

I also purchased a wire rack. This is typically used as a shelf to hold plates or whatever in a cabinet. place it on your hooks.

Gather up all those cords and set them on your new under the table shelf. I used twisty ties to hold some of the cords together as they are pretty long.

So I went from this....

To this!

The Girl Cave floor is now cord free. Neat and tidy.

Thanks for checking in on me.

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