Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bath Remodel Day 9,10, 11

I am glad to say the shower tile and floor tile is done. Yeah! I've been promising pictures of the tile close up. Below is the shower tile. Gray with beige tones. 
This one is the floor tile. I like a darker tile for the floor. Darker tones of gray and brown. Lovely! It was a snap to lay. I used the mortar you have to mix as it was leftover from the walls. Although next time I would use the premixed and not have extra work of cleaning the mixing paddle or making sure it is the correct consistency.
I am really happy with how the ceiling tile turned out. It was a big pain to put it up but worth it. My handyman gave me the idea to edge it with cut down pieces of bullnose. Thanks Earl! It looks awesome.
My hubby surprised me the other day. When I came home from work he had taken off the countertop. I now have it and the toilet on Craigslist. Every little bit helps to fund this project.
And if you noticed the shower/tub area is grouted. Follow the mixing instructions on the bag however if you want to use a grout bag mix it on the thin side. It will be way too hard to squeeze out of the bag if you use manufacturers instructions. And most of all...wipe, wipe, wipe. Make sure you clean the tiles well. The best process to do is only grout enough tiles to not let it set too long before wiping it off. Then move on to grout more area and clean. (wash, rinse, repeat kind of thing) Hubby was helping and he got a little ahead of me and made cleaning the tiles a little difficult. But where there's a will there's a way!
Next step, I'm having Earl come over to start repairing the walls. In between his visits I hope to get the floor grouted. Once walls and floor are done we are on the down hill. Can't wait! Check back in to see what comes next.

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