Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bath Remodel Day 8

Day 8 was the best day so far. We added what I call the bling! This is what really makes the shower pop. I used 12X12 glass tiles on a mesh backing. They interlock on the ends, so we just had to cut the very bottom one and the top one. You'll need to use a white mortar with this so the tiles don't change color. The browns and the grays blend beautifully! Plus I had my helper back. It goes so much faster when one person is laying the tile and the other is cutting.
I couldn't wait to get the soup dish in. It looks awesome. It is a resin product but has a travertine look. Saved a lot of money here.
And the corner shelf completes the tiling in the bath/shower area. Only grout to add.
This is when it starts to get exciting to see all the hard work come together. I know my son said he would never refer to the glass tiles as bling, LOL, but I think it is quite the addition. Next up...laying the subfloor and tile. I hope you check back to see how that went. And I also hope you are taking the time this holy week to remember what our Lord and Savior did for me and you! Have a great week and hopefully by Easter I'll be able to show you a completed floor!

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