Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fun Summer Party Dress

The weather isn't really cooperating but it is supposed to be Spring and that means Summer is right around the corner. With that in mind and the fact that I went on a shopping spree during the after Christmas sales and bought several patterns and some fantastic fabric. When everything on the clearance rack looks good, then I go for it. So even though I have been working away on the bathroom, I needed a break.

This is a Simplicity pattern. I've always felt they are the easiest to read. I never go by the body measurements they give however. Pick the size you typically wear and cut out the pattern. Make sure you wash and iron your fabric before you cut the pattern pieces out. Then jump right in.

I hadn't put in an invisible zipper in years. But it turned out great! The fabric is a cotton blend. After sewing it all together I tried it on to see if any alterations needed to be made. I brought in one side in the hip area and called it good. I will admit, I still need to hem it. Just above the knee for me. But I'm pretty happy how it turned out. The ruffle flounce is a little stiff and doesn't hang like a flimsy fabric would. A little tack in one or two places should fix that.
Once the hem is done I'll be wearing this beauty to a wedding in June. Check back in on me to see it in action. Maybe real action from the dance floor? Tee hee, check back in to see.

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