Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bath Remodel Days - Time for Paint, Countertop & Fixtures

Wow, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had Earl my handyman come. He skim coated the walls where I had taken the big mirror down plus repair areas where I took tile off in the baseboard area. Now I'm ready to paint. I applied two coats of primer and two coats of color. I was a little worried the walls looked too dark but once I painted the vanity it all seemed just right. Below are several pictures of the finished walls.

I got the paint at Sherwin Williams but the color is Pebble Gray in a semi-gloss finish. It is a Glidden color from Home Depot. I always use Latex paint. The clean up is so much easier. And don't forget in between coats no need to clean brushes and rollers. Simply wrap them in cellophane and put them in the refrigerator.
Looking at the picture above I should mention that I did get the grout done on the floor. I think it turned out awesome. Floor tiling is my specialty.
You've seen the wood's now time to give it a fresh look. I also got this paint from Sherwin Williams. The color is a Behr color from Home Depot. Sherwin Williams had a sale on paint, that is why I purchased it there. I think Home Depot's paint is just as nice a quality. The vanity paint is a latex enamel in a satin finish. This will work beautifully on the wood. I took advantage of a beautiful day and sanded the doors and drawers outside using my palm sander. My goal was not to take it down to the bare wood, but to get the varnish or polyurethane off. And of course in the process it did get down to the bare wood in places. Sanding some of the corners and tight areas by hand was needed. Some people like to put a coat of primer on their wood projects but I learned the hard way that this was not what I wanted. However if you have your primer tinted the color of your finished color it would work just fine. But just know if you use white primer on it and then your finish color if your family "lives life" as mine does a chip or scrap is going to happen and then you can see the white primer under it. So with that said, I didn't use a primer at all. Two coats of a high quality paint and you are set.
I'm getting ahead of myself. After I painted the walls, hubby got to work installing new lighting!! Mark where you want to fixtures, cut out the drywall, run the wire & attach the new light fixtures. Sounds easy right? I don't do electrical that's why I leave it to hubby. :)
Tonights' last project was to install the granite countertop. We bought it at a Surplus Store and it came with the sink attached. We had to have it cut down 1" on each side and then the installation was a snap. Dry fit to make just make sure and then a little liquid nails on each corner of the vanity and that's it. The backsplash went up just as easy.

The sink works!! With any luck the wiring will be run to the switches for the new lights, fixtures for tub/shower installed and new toilet placed. I ordered the pulls for the vanity from an online place and they came in just 3 days.

The next time you check in on me you'll be seeing the finished product. I can't wait! See you soon.

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