Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chevron Stripe

When  my friends' daughter asks me for help I just can't say no.
They had moved and wanted to add her own style to her bedroom.
First we painted the room gray.
It's very light but you can see we chalked our lines. Kelsey wanted
one big stripe so we measured center, how thick we wanted
the stripe and took it from there.

Next use a good brand of painters tape and tape off your lines. Press them firmly onto the wall.

Kelsey chose a light shade of gray. Start filling in the stripe. When painting next to the painters tape, it's ok to paint on the tape, but I do recommend painting into the stripe. This will help not get paint under your tape. I also recommend less is more when painting near the tape. The thing you don't want your paint to bleed. So paint thin coats.
Take the tape off right away after you've painted. This will keep a crisp clean line.
Give it a try. I know you'll be great at it.   Linda

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