Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tiling for a friend

There's nothing I like better than viewing a finished
project. I tiled this bathroom for a friend.
Unfortunately this spring they found themselves
ankle deep in water after a downpour. Ok maybe
not ankle deep but bad enough all the flooring on the lower
level had to be removed. So they took up the carpet,
removed tac strips and then I went to work.

I choose not to use the cement board
underlayment this time. Instead I used a Schluter-Kerdi brand
product. I highly recommend it for a flooring
moisture barrier. (The orange waffle stuff)  And wow was it easy to lay.
Just measure the area. Cut the orange waffle stuff with a utility knife,
mix your mortar  a little thinner than normal for tile laying
(read instructions to get the correct type), cover the
floor and lay the orange stuff in place. You can walk on it right away
and begin laying the tile. I used another Schluter-Kerdi
product on our shower walls. Bathroom Remodel Day 4
 The wall stuff was harder to use as it was flimsy and face it
working on a vertical surface gives a new meaning to "ugh".
And here you see the tile in place with 1/4 inch spacers.

Once mortar is set, grouting was done.

To save money I like to reuse baseboard. I sanded it down,
bought quarter round and painted both to match.
I blogged about my 1/2 bath tile install. You can find clearer how to's here:

I am very happy with the end result and my friends are too. I can't wait till their daughter gets home from school to see how it turned out.
Next I'll show you the project we completed in the bedroom for them. I think you'll want to try it in a room of your own. Check back soon to see what it is!!

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