Wednesday, September 18, 2013

T-shirt Refashion 2013

You may remember last summers  VBS T-shirt refashion. Check it out 
here . I wanted to do another refashion but did not want to repeat but as I
am the VBS Director I had just a few things on my plate and did not want
to task my brain any more than necessary. So I decided to repeat a refashion
from last September. Check it out here to get the tutorial. But here are the
quick steps.
Start with an oversized t-shirt.
You'll also need a sewing machine, scissors, thread, straight pins, marking pencil, elastic, satin ribbon and another t-shirt in a contrasting color. I kind of goofed on this one as I got a 3XL. This caused more work than expected as it was WAY too big and made the emblem lower than I wanted so I had to cut the shoulders and re-seam them.
Cut the sleeves off and set aside.

Next cut your neckline. It's easy to get it even if you cut half, fold it
 over to use as a guide and cut the other side.
Decide how much to cut off of the sides if any. Sew your new side seams.
Now decide if you want an empire waistband or at the waist. Sew your casing on. I used the satin ribbon. It made it quick and easy. Thread your elastic into your new casing, adjust to fit and sew ends of elastic to secure.
Now it's time to grab those sleeves you set aside. Cut off the seam so it is not bulky when you reattach it to the garment at the sleeve. Trim down the circumference of the sleeve to fit. I wanted elastic around the sleeves so next I cut elastic and stretched it as I sewed it on. You'll have to cut the t-shirt where you want the shoulder seam to sit. And you'll want to trim the length of the sleeve to your liking before reattaching it to the dress. Reattach.
Now I really have to apologize as I do not have any more photos of the next steps.
 But look back here to get pictures and more detail.
I bought a childs'  t-shirt to make a ruffle for around the neckline. Cut 1" strips twice the length around the neckline. Sew strips together to make one long stip. Baste down center of strip and gather. Fit to desired look, pin to neckline and sew right over the basting.


I wanted this to be a dress, so taking the childs t-shirt I cut the length needed and sewed it to the bottom of the t-shirt. I think it turned out super cute and got tons of complements. If you have questions please leave me a comment and I'll try my best to get you an answer.  Linda


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