Friday, June 22, 2012

Landscaping Re-do done

After adding additional soil and laying the
landscape fabric I started the
planting but took a break to snap a quick photo.

And at last the project is done. I am so glad we
saved the river rock to use as mulch.
I found a "before" picture. This was taken last
summer when I tried to keep the shrubs
 trimmed but ended up just making them
look old and weak.
I couldn't leave this project without showing
you this Red Hot Hydrangea. This photo really
doesn't give it the credit it deserves. The color is
just beautiful. I think it is going to love this
northern exposure location in part sun.

It will have to cool off a little for me to do
 any more landscaping projects this summer.
 But I have plenty of projects inside
 that I can't wait to show you.
 Thanks for checking in on me!

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