Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In the Garden

The Garden is growing like crazy so I wanted to share some pictures with you. This is my disclaimer...I am not a photographer, my pictures may be blurry and out of focus. Ha ha, so otherwise enjoy. As you know I garden to make salsa, however I do throw in a few other vegetables. These are pole beans. I had the great idea of cementing a 4x4 post in the ground and adding decorative elements to the top. A few cup hooks top and bottom and add string and let the beans climb. Then I asked my husband to help me put the pole in the ground. So now I have man thinking in the mix. ;) I ended up with a pole that sticks 8 feet out of the ground. I am 5'3". Yes, allot of the beans at the top never get picked. Not to fear though. Next year I am going to screw cup hooks in the pole at about the 6 foot level. Of course this solution never dawned on me before. It was just so fun to watch the beans grow skyward.

Spaghetti squash are easy to grow. But they do take up allot of room in the garden. If you have any good recipes you'd want to share with me for squash, I'd love to have them. And I'll share my squash with you too. I have way more than what we can eat.

I do have a compost pile and would love to have a compost container. You'll have to ask my husband what happened to the old container we used to have. It's a funny story. My ideal container would be one that is supported on legs that you turn a crank to stir the compost. It's on my wish list. But back to the compost pile. I don't stir it as I should and late this spring I threw sod on it I had dug up. I haven't stirred it since. I soon noticed something growing off to the side. It looked allot like my spaghetti squash so I almost pulled it out. But as I love to watch things grow I left it alone. To my surprise I realized it was another member of the squash family. Acorn squash. Yum. Cut it in half, bake and for the last few minutes turn up like a bowl and add butter and brown sugar. I can't wait to see how my home grown acorn squash tastes.

Now to my favorite plants. Tomatoes! They are doing well all things considered. The heat is really taking a tole on them, but they are heavy with fruit. Enjoy my photo gallery of tomatoes on and off the plant! Roma's, Early Girl & Heirloom Mr. Stripey. I'll be making salsa later this week!
As you can see the tomatoes just keep coming. And don't let that little pile of jalapeno peppers foul you. There are allot more in a bowl on top of the fridge. My poor bell pepper plant is still sickly but it does have new growth on it. Thanks for taking a tour of the garden with me. I like to go out there in the morning when it is cool and the world hasn't quite woken up yet. During this peaceful time I reflect on how good God has been to me. I hope you enjoy some of His goodness today too! Linda

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