Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Button Project

It's always fun to change things up on your walls. I saw this idea on Pinterest and made it my own. The original was on Etsy and sold as initials for a baby's room. My sister came to visit over the 4th so we embarked on this project.
Here's what you'll need:
foam core board
fabric to cover the foam core board
spray adhesive
assorted buttons
frame for your new piece
hot glue
print out your initial in the size desired
thread or twin (optional)

I purchased buttons in this jar at an Antique Mall. Not only can
I use the buttons but the jar is awesome!


This is my fabric and burlap I bought cheap at Hobby Lobby!
Cut your foam core board to the size you wish.
Cut your fabric to cover board and overlap slightly onto the back side.
Use spray adhesive to attach fabric to board.
I choose a taupe fabric and then covered that with burlap.
I also choose to place twine to look like thread in the buttons I had selected.
You can use a fabric marker to outline your initial onto your fabric.
Mock up how you want the buttons to lay before gluing them in place.
Then glue them in place.
Be careful not to burn your fingers gluing those little buttons. Ouch! It hurts.
I cut my foam core to it would be snug in my frame.
Once dry hang in your favorite spot!
This is my sister's initial. She wants to hang it in a room that does not get a lot of light so she chose lighter tones. She chose not to thread her buttons. The frame was a special find at the Flea Market/Antique stores at First Friday's. Google First Friday's Kansas City. You'll wish you lived here!
I chose to thread my buttons with twine in a neutral color. But wait! I decided that my "W" was not big enough, so this initial will be a gift to a special friend.
Here is my new bigger "W". I have laid it out on the "W" I printed and cut out. Soon I will thread the buttons and glue them on. This piece will be part of a photo gallery in my dining room. I can't wait to show you that project.

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