Thursday, August 29, 2013

Curtains, Curtains, Curtains!

This was my starting point. I saw this fabric ages ago at Hobby Lobby and thought I want curtains made from that. I put that thought on the back burner. Several months went by and I saw it in the clearance aisle and decided it was time to swoop it up before someone else did. This is laid out in my front entry because it is a great place to cut large pieces of fabric. I'm doing a simple panel for the sliding glass door. We have lived in this house for some time now and really it is time we get something up at this slider. To do yours you will need:
lining fabric
tape measure
sewing machine
I measured the area I wanted to cover, determined where the rod would hang, added a couple inches for ruffle above the rod and decided I would sew in 1/2 inch seams. The general rule of thumb is to measure the width of the window you want to cover and then double that number. Unless of course you just want a straight flat piece of fabric hanging there. I did not so I doubled the width. Go ahead and cut your fabric. Next cut your lining fabric the same size.

Pin right sides together. Mark where you want to leave open for the rod. Sew around all sides of the curtain leaving the rod pocket area open. Turn right side out and press. You can hand sew a hem in this area if you choose. Mark horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the rod pocket. Sew to create your rod pocket.
And this is the completed project. I wanted to give just a bit of privacy and leave access to the door opening. The dark colors are a good contrast to the lighter walls.

This is the curtain rod I bought on clearance. I am all about keeping the budget under check when doing all my projects.
I bought extra fabric and decided the other windows in the kitchen and side door needed to match. This is over the kitchen sink. I wanted something that laid more flat but had a little something special about them. I decided to make pleats in them.

This one is at the side door.

At the top of the pleats I added a little bling so I could hide my hand stitching of holding the pleats together.

Basically I just added enough width to iron in a pleat. I ran the rod threw the pocket. With the pleat tacked at the top on the front side only, it allows the pleat to remain in place and the rod to go all the way through.

I had some fabric I liked to line these two little valances. It really gives a little extra pizazz when you look at the window from outside. Find the fabric you love and give those windows some extra love with your creations!

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