Monday, March 11, 2013

Bath Remodel Day 4

One of these days I'll see tile on the walls but not today. We found out the mortar we bought to put up the water-proofing membrane was not the correct type. So we returned it. Now our 3 hours to get something done has turned into 2.
We used a product by Schluter-Kerdi. I truely hope it is worth it as the extra steps of putting up another vertical layer takes time. I'm going to wait at this point before I start to lay tile. I need to be rested, have a plan in mind and a clear head to execute the plan. Thanks Tim for coming over to help make sure my wet saw was assembled well for my safety. While hubby is working this week I need to work at getting my house clean for weekend guests. The thought of doing that is clogging my brain from thinking clearly on the tile project. Check back in, Day 5 promises to be an awesome day of progress. I can't wait!

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