Monday, August 3, 2015

Paneling Art

I love crafts and DIY projects that cost little to nothing. This won't surprise you but several years ago when my husband had gone out of town on a business trip, I wanted to see what was behind the paneling in the family. Man, did I hate that dark paneling. It had to go. I quickly found out there wasn't anything behind this 3/4 inch think tongue in groove paneling. I am sure back in the day this stuff was the cat's meow. But in my lifetime, uh no. My hubby now says he's afraid to leave town as he doesn't know what I will do next. HA! We sold half of the paneling that some guy quickly purchased from Craigslist. Now I am wishing I had kept ALL of it. It really comes in handy. As you know I used it for the serving tray. And here it is again. Those that have pallets may use pallets. I choose my old paneling. I selected my pieces and used my big girl tools to cut them. I went with 16X16 end square size.

I then cut some thin plywood (yes, from my stash) to mount the paneling on.

Now use some construction adhesive and glue them on. I taped them together to make sure the tongue in groove was settled together. 

After making sure this had dried well I took them outside to sand off all that dark stain.

Now I had to decide what would be my design. And then which one would I choose. I printed these off of images I found on the internet. 

I went with "A" and made a stencil. I happened to have stencil material in my stash. Have you figured it out yet? I have alot of stash. :) Trace it on. Cut it out. Easy peasy!

Now get out the craft paint of your choice and stencil away! I had a spouncer that is basically a round foam piece on the end of a handle that I use to stencil. Less is more remember when applying paint. You don't want it to bleed under your stencil. AND be sure to tape your stencil in place so it doesn't move.

I couldn't just leave it like this. I wanted to add a Bible verse. This would make the perfect gift for my nephew, Nathan. His confirmation was coming and I would trace his verse on this for his gift. Print it out how you think it will fit on the wood and where you want it. 

Now, turn your paper over and take a pencil and draw over the words. Make sure you get it good and think.

Tape it in position on the paneling and trace over the words using pressure.

Take a peek. You should be able to see the lettering enough that now you can take a sharpie and trace the tracing. 

I put two small screws on the back and wrapped picture hanging wire around them as a way to hang it. 

Even though the invitations said no gifts....who can go to a celebration like this and not commemorate it. 

God bless you Nathan!

Love, Aunt Linda

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