Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hurricane Candle, gift for you!

I don't really consider myself as having a Pinterest problem, but wow, you can get sucked in. Recently I gave a bridal shower and borrowed some items from a couple of friends. When I saw this candle I thought it would be the perfect thank you gift. I found the original tutorial here.
In her blog Erin says she made this for $5 by purchasing all items at a dollar store. I was at Walmart and saw similar items for not much more. This is what I did.
I purchased:
Hurricane vase for $3.97 at Walmart
Cylinder vase for $.97 at Walmart
Bag of Moss for $3.60 at Hobby Lobby. It was on sale. One bag will make several crafts.
Candle to fit into cylinder vase was a 2 pak at Hobby Lobby for $5.99 but used my Hobby Lobby app coupon and got 40% off.
Candle ring in fall colors for $4.99 was 50% off so I paid $2.49. I couldn't find a spray or garland small enough. But this seemed to fit the bill.

First place your cylinder vase inside the hurricane vase.

The moss can get messy so I placed a baggie over the cylinder vase to keep the moss out.

Place the desired amount of moss into the hurricane vase.

Since I bought candle ring decor I had to cut the wire ring so it would fit around the cylinder vase. Place it into hurricane vase and arrange.

Place candle in cylinder vase and there you have it. The fall color spray can be replaced with the different seasons. My friend, Sheryl loved it and knows exactly what she will put in the vase for Christmas.
I hope you like it too. Leave me a comment. Let me know if these instructions were clear as mud. LOL I'm kind of a hands on person so good written instruction is important to me. And it's also important to me that you understand what I am describing. So if any of my tutorials aren't clear let me know. I'm happy to help. Linda


Susann White said...

I love your Hurricane candles! Very clever....I wouldn't have thought of the moss....and your trick of putting the plastic over the cylinder vase....duh, I wouldn't have thought of that one either!!!

Linda Wohlford said...

Thanks Susann. Check in on me at for more fun projects.

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