Friday, October 11, 2013

Pillow Trio

I've been wanting to try my hand at transferring images to fabric and adding to this one little corner . You've heard me talk about the great images that are free from so I printed a few of them off and here's what I did...
I chose to transfer using the Citrasolv method. What you'll need:
- Citrasolv- this is a cleaning solvent
 - A copy of your image that has been printed old school. Find a copier that uses toner. The copy stores won't be of any help, they've skipped old school long ago. I found an old copier at a local grocery store.  
- Newspaper
- Tablespoon
- Tape
- Fabric
- paint brush or foam brush

A friend (Jodie at and I went in together and split the bottle of Citrasov as a little goes a long way. That's why mine is in an old pickle jar. :) Lay your newspapers down. Use several for thickness. I used some leftover canvas from the slipcover project as my fabric. Tape your copied image face down centered appropriately over the fabric. "Paint" the citrasolv over the page. Remember a little goes a long way. Grab that tablespoon and burnish the image well. Two minutes maybe. If you lift a corner to see how it's doing be careful. If the image  moves you're not likely to get it in the same exact spot. Take away the copied image, remove tape and let the fabric dry. This is a permanent image, however I found that if you machine wash it to remove the citrasolv the image will fade.

Here's my little bumble bee. I'll be making him into a 14x14 pillow.

And here's the bee's apartment complex. This is the first image I transferred and realized I use a little too much citrasolv. The image blurred a little. I made this into a small pillow.

This creation was given to the bride to be after the shower I had given her. The future Mrs. B really liked it. And it helped that with a little digging I found out what color the decor' in their new abode was going to be and bought fabric to back it to match. I saw this idea on Pinterest and then made my own design using Microsoft Word. When you print it out be sure to print the mirror image. Print-Properties-Mirror image on.

I made pillows but you may choose to make tea towels, napkins, frame it to hang on the wall, the list goes on. Let me know what you transfer.


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Linda Wohlford said...

I'd love to hear about your transfer projects.

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