Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pillow Trio Part 2

My last blog was how I transferred these images onto fabric. If you want to know how to sew the pillows hang around. This is what I did.
You'll need:
- sewing machine
- thread
- pins
- scissors
- fabric (I used leftovers from curtains, curtains, curtains )
- piping (cording)
- pillow forms
- button (optional)
For the 2 pillows I transferred images to, I cut the image fabric and the backing fabric to the size I preferred. The bigger one is 14x14 so I cut the fabric 15x15 and planned to use a 1/2 inch seam. The smaller one I didn't use a pillow form. I had some old polyester stuffing I planned to use so I cut this fabric in a size I felt matched to image also keeping in mind I needed 1/2 inch seam allowance.
Next cut a 2 inch strip of fabric to go completely around you pillow plus a couple of inches. Also cut piping the same length. Piping is really easy to make. Lay the cording in the center of the 2" strip and fold over with wrong sides together. Using a zipper foot on your sewing machine sew as close to the cording without running over it.
Sew the piping onto the fabric making sure your sewing line is 1/2 inch from the edge. When you come to the end of the piping, clip cording to meet the starting point leaving fabric longer. Fold under fabric enough to cover the starting point and continue to sew.

Place transfer fabric and fabric with piping right sides together.

Still using the zipper foot sew on the same line around the pillow leaving an opening to be able to turn it right side out.
Stuff with your pillow form and hand sew the opening closed.
If you would rather make a pillow that can be removed to wash you'll want to adjust a little. For the back still cut a piece that is 15x15. Set aside.
Now you'll need to cut two pieces that are 15x10.
Fold the end of each 15x10 piece under 1 1/2 inches and hem. Lay these two pieces so they slightly overlap. They will need to now measure 15x15 as a whole. Baste together at sides.
Grab the other 15x15 piece that you sewed the piping to. With right sides together sew front to back. Turn right side out by the over lapped area.
I found this cute button and sewed it to the outer section. It gives it the look of a real working button but it's only purpose is decoration.
This is the finishing touch to this one little corner. I hope you make something
today that makes you smile.

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