Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photo Gallery

Back in August I showed you how to make a piece of art from simple
foam core board and buttons. Here is the end result hung. This large wall in my
dining room was just screaming for just this!
I've been setting aside items I felt would make a good photo gallery. An old photo of me and my twin, one of my husband, a postcard I picked up when visiting the Biltmore Estate, an old piece of sheet music I used in marching band, a photograph of my Grandma Sophie when she was a young girl and other treasures. During shopping sprees to the Flea Markets and Antique shops in the West Bottoms I've picked up some awesome frames. Check this out. You'll wish you lived here. http://westbottomsantiques.com/
I matched up my photos and art work to frames and took them to Hobby Lobby for mounting, matting and glass if needed.
I had seen many tutorials on how to place art for a photo gallery but I chose my own method. I laid out my pieces to find a pleasing display. I just wasn't loving it. Uneven, big ones on left small ones on right, empty spot under twin photo. It needed something else.

I was heading over to Walmart so I strolled through a few aisles I don't normally browse. Here I picked up the square mirror and the "Love". A little rearranging and I had it. I spaced my pieces anywhere from 1/2 inch to 3 inches apart.
Finding the center of my new layout and the center of the wall I started hanging. It took a lot of measuring and pencil marks on the walls but in a couple hours it was finished. Here's another method you may find easier. http://forevercottage.blogspot.com/2011/10/i-did-it-right-this-time.html

I'm very happy with my new wall. And I love decorating on a budget, it's not that hard. I have an idea for the bedroom wall. I'll share that when it's up.
Thanks for checking in on me. Linda

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