Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feeling Healthy

Growing up I was never athletic. In junior high I was average enough height to play on the basketball team. LOL! Maybe some day I'll dig out the picture in that uniform. Long hair in pigtails Jody and Buffy style. White knee high athletic socks. Oh, and if you know who Jody and Buffy are you're no spring chicken either. Anyway, at 5'2" the other girls quickly passed me in height. I was doing good to grow another inch. I like to call it being height challenged. At any rate once I married and found a full time job, it seemed others around me enjoyed being fit without being on a sports team. It was the 80's and Jane Fonda had us digging those tights and spandex jumping around the floor with aerobics. Then before you know it Denise Austin was the biggest thing in exercise VHS tapes. Well let's jump forward a few years. Now my husband and I belong to the local YMCA. It took me awhile before I would go and do what I term the "Man workout". He would go, lift free weights, run on the treadmill or use the eliptical trainer. Now he has always been athletic. Playing football, baseball, swimming and hockey. Even found himself on his college hockey team. So going into this type of later life workout....he had discipline. I did not and felt the "Man workout" was boring. Then I finally got brave enough to wonder into a class. Never again will I attempt the Man Workout. There are so many different classes. Fun music, making new friends, awesome instructors and getting the benefit from body pump, cardio dance, cycle, tread, core and much more. I've had pretty good success keeping fit. So it was time. Time to do something else, get outside the box and expand my horizons. It's three days before Thanksgiving, although family will be in town they aren't staying with us so we feel we have a little extra time on our Holiday. So my husband announces he has signed us up to run a 5K. This will be the first for he and I to do this. Not putting alot into training for it, we decide it's only 3 or so miles. We can do this. And to give me more comfort my 21 year old decides he will join in the fun too. His form of exercise is to lift the remote to change the channel. 

It was a little cool but the sun was shining. It was awesome.

Our #1 son didn't run but played as our photographer. I can't think of a better way to start off our holiday season. Was one of your New Year's resolutions to get fit? Lose weight? Eat healthier? You can do it. You'll feel better and enjoy life more. Find a workout buddy that will keep you accountable. Whether joining a club or taking a daily walk in your neighborhood. Get out and get healthy! We plan to run a 5K every Thanksgiving. So if you're spending the holiday with me, bring your running shoes. 


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