Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Shower, Wonderful!

I gave a wedding shower this past fall for a dear friends' daughter. I have 2 sons so any time I can do girly things I am all over it. And what a pleasure to be able to give a shower to help start a young couples life together. 

If you have read some of my posts you know I am somewhat frugal. I tried to make things to decorate for the shower that could be used again. 

As you know I love visiting The Graphics Fairy . I used her Citrasolv method to transfer this image to fabric. Trolling around Pinterest I saw something like the above image. I created this on Microsoft word, printed it in reverse and then followed these steps. After checking out what the  Bride and Groom had registered for, I found fabric I felt would go in their new living room or bedroom. And you can follow these instructions to sew the pillow. 

I had a ton of sheer white fabric that sparkled. Now I did not purchase this. This was a leftover from son #1 wanting to woo a girl and in doing so decorated our house and made her dinner before taking her to a dance. I used this to drape a chair. Bought tulle in the color of the wedding at a good discount and added it to the bride's chair.

I had alot of tulle. And the future Mrs. B had asked for my help with making bouquets. Before I left her house I took some leftover purple hydrangeas and made this decoration for the front door. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it up close. This was sent home with them and used as a table runner at the rehearsal dinner. Picture it laying on a long table with tulle extending in opposite directions of the bouquet.

The banner that hung from the mantle said Bride To Be. I used burlap I had leftover from another project, purchased purple scrapbook paper and transferred the letters to fabric. Cut into triangles and used a glue gun to attach them to twine.

I made prints of a few of the engagement photos and bought frames to put them in. This will make a nice addition to the food table plus look awesome in the new couples' home.

Just wanting to try another DIY project, I had an old frame. Painted it with silver craft paint. Then taking the glass I sprayed it with chalk board paint. Instant decor. Use chalk to write your own message, wipe clean afterward and use it as your next grocery list area.

Wanting the table to look a little special too, I used another engagement picture and from my printer, printed small photos on regular paper and taped them to leftover scrapbook paper, cut in rectangles. Hole punch the top and add it to the silverware with a bit of tulle.

I borrowed white table clothes and used my silver to display the brunch. This adds a touch of elegance to any home. Check out Initial Love to see how I made the letter B. And again the bride can take it home.

And to my surprise she used it at the reception as well. Some mini quiches, parfaits and bakery items made for delicious eats. Put the TV on the Love Song music channel and you have set the mood. I hope you have gotten some good ideas for your next shower. I sure had fun doing it.


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