Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Refreshing the Outdoor Furniture

I am not sure why, but I put this project off too long. The outdoor furniture needed refreshing with a new coat of paint. I bet some of these pieces are 20 years old. Wow, you gotta love iron furniture. This is how I did this.

Pick the most beautiful day of the summer! HA!! I don't know how it happened but there was no wind, full sun in the sky, mid 70's, and super low humidity. Perfect.

This was my paint of choice. I just love it. The furniture was originally green. It had a tiny bit of rust here and there. But not much at all. I took a sponge and with the hose washed down all the pieces. The wire brush made quick work of the bit of rust. Then time to get at it. This handy little handle made it so easy to spray the paint. You can get them in the paint section of the store. So worth it. 

I turned the furniture upside down to spray the bottom first. 2 light coats was all it took. Of course over the next day or so I found a few spots that needed touched up that I had missed. 

It took about 5 hours, all said and done. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

It's like have a brand new 8 piece set. 

Thanks for checking in on me.


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