Thursday, July 23, 2015

Succulent Update

It was late spring and the rain just kept falling. So I decided to have a succulent planting party since I couldn't get out into the garden.

Check this out to see what we did. I think I mentioned I just couldn't decide what vessel to put my little lovelies in. So you guessed it, I changed my mind and decided to transplant my little garden into a wire basket.

I gently took my babies out of the old vessel.

I had some moss in my stash so I lined my wire basket with it.

Took the original cactus soil from the old vessel and added new. 
Then started to place my plants.

This is my end result. I left room for these little guys to grow.

I decided the best place to grow my succulents was indoors. We have had sooooo much rain and as you know succulents like dry weather. 

Happy growing!


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