Friday, March 8, 2013

Bathroom Remodel Day 1

We love the old home we bought 5 years ago, walked into it knowing every room needed to be updated. The house is beautiful and has good bones. And no one can accuse us of being afraid of a little work. But we can't put this off any longer. Over Christmas we found a leak from the 2nd floor bathroom. No doubt it is from failing grout. I've been shopping and we have most of what we need to do a bathroom renovation. This is the "before".

Pretty boring. All white tile, counter top and floor. Beige walls. Builders mirror. I guess I should be thankful the previous owners took all the wallpaper down before we bought it. The plan...tile the tub/shower area. Tile the floor. New mirror. Add sconce lights for either side of the mirror. Paint the walls, paint the vanity. New pulls for the vanity. Granite counter and new sink. New faucets for both the sink and tub. And new towel rack and TP holder.
We've ended day one of demo. I even got my son in on the fun.

My son and I removed the mirror, took the drawers and doors off the vanity and removed the pulls, took out the toilet, removed the bath walls down to the studs, removed the floor down to the subfloor. The tile was up the wall like baseboard so that had to go too. Check back with me tomorrow to see our progress.

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