Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring, refreshing in every way!

It was such a nice sunny afternoon, I took extra time to play with the dogs in the backyard. They play fetch really well. Harper is a chocolate lab. I love it when I throw the ball and he catches it on the first bounce. Job well done! Ellie is the pup. A black lab mix. She races back with the ball and so gently drops it on the ground before me. What joy these two bring to our household. I could tell they could feel Spring in the air. As I took a few extra minutes walking the grounds with them I noticed signs of Spring.  Daylilies sprouting from old leaves not yet pulled away, peony buds just beneath the mulch peaking out and tulips and daffodils emerging. I wondered all winter if the squirrels would once again dig my bulbs and carry them away. I see they have survived for the bunnies to start munching on them happily. While I have tried blood meal, cayenne pepper, human hair and even urine (at that time I was the Mom of young boys). Nothing scared the bunnies away. So this afternoon I took the time to cut up some chicken wire and place it over the emerging bulbs. I don't know if the bunnies will still be able to get to and munch those tasty treats but I do know the time I spend in the garden is so refreshing and mind clearing, it could cure illness. Time spent out in nature gives us time to listen. Listen to what God is telling you. As we come to another Easter we remember what He did for us. As the new growth sprouts from the ground I remember that He rose from the ground to save me. How can I serve and thank Him for this? By listening. Listening to Him. Spring is almost here. What does it have in store for you?


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