Friday, March 15, 2013

Bath Remodel Day 5

As promised Day 5 was awesome. Working by myself takes a little longer. I tend to over think. Plus I wanted to study up and watch a few videos on You Tube to tune up my tiling knowledge. (it was 2010 when I last tiled) Plus add to all that I tend to be a little meticulous.

First I measured my tile to be used. Even though you by 12x12 tiles, most of the time they are really 11 3/4 x 11 3/4. This is taking into account that you will use a 1/4 spacer. I marked on the back wall the height of where I wanted the first row to be. Using a long level, I marked a line across the width of the bath tub. Then I found the center point and snapped a plumb line. No easy task doing it myself. Then I screwed a board on the first line I marked, where there second row will start. This ledger board helps keep the larger tile in place plus helps keep things level as a starting place.

You can see blue painters tape on the tub. I decided I would tape off the tope of the tub. That way if mortar dropped and fell in between the ply wood cover and wall it could be easily cleaned up. After mixing the mortar with a paddle on the cordless screwdriver I went to work laying (or is it hanging if it's vertical?) the tile. I decided that I would back butter the tiles instead of applying it to the walls. Unless you are a pro applying the mortar directly to the walls is a messy job. I started by marking my first whole tile at the center point so I could line it up with that plumb line I snapped. I worked out to the side walls from there. I needed to cut about an inch off the tiles that were on either end. This was a breeze using my newest favorite tool, the wet saw! Thus, the progress below. I really love this tile. It has some great shades of gray in it. I'll take a close up picture later for you to see.


After making dinner, I was tired and thought I may be done for the day. But with hubby coming home from the business trip in the morning I really wanted to WOW him with my progress so I forged ahead. My day ended at 11:30 PM (that was with cleaning up all the tools and taking a McFlurry run to McD's). On a side note. The orange waterproofing membrane, I wouldn't spend the money on it if I had to do it again. Expensive, if you don't get it level it makes your tiles harder to get level and once you get a tile up and decided you need to take it back down for adjustments, too bad. I found this out the hard way. The suction of the mortar coming up brings the membrane with it. At that point you have to decide what your options are. That will be taken care of on Day 6.
Back to tiling. After that 5th row the ceiling is on a slant. We didn't have tile there before but I thought it would be cool to take it up to the ceiling on both sides and include this slanted area. (Imagine you hear elevator music playing while you think this over) Measure, measure, measure. The top skinny row has to be short enough to properly meet the tile on the slanted area. I used a cool feature on the wet saw and beveled the edge of the upper tile to meet the flat surface of the tile below it. So awesome. The little niche you see on the right side is where the corner shelf will go. I dry fitted it and it should go up no problem. I want to install it when I get the tile on that right side up. Now I know Day 6 will be awesomer. :) Come back to see how it goes!      Linda

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