Monday, June 3, 2013

So, so, sewing

Nothing like a vacation coming to want to up that wardrobe. I hit some mega sales after Christmas and bought $1 patterns and 50% off clearance price fabric. All said and done, I got enough to make 1 swimsuit cover-up, 3 tops and a dress for $50. Wow!!! I know. How great was that! I showed you the preview of the fun summer party dress. Here it is on.

 I love this fabric. It is so fun! And it washed up like a dream. No ironing needed!

The ruffle really makes it or I should say flounce. This is Simplicity pattern 2337 view A. The flounce would have been more flouncy had I used a little more flimsy of a fabric.

You can kind of see the flounce better in the above view. Ok on to have to have for the summer #2. A Swimsuit cover-up. HAHA! I have to tell you this story. 2 summers ago my Mom gave me a gift. The bottoms of a two piece swim suit. Crazy, yes I agree. Her story was she couldn't pass it up. It was in my size and was only $2. I finally found a top to go with it this year. It was worn proudly last week on the beach. Which I should have gotten pictures of the cover up while on the beach but I did not have my blogging brain in. :)

This is Simplicity pattern 1915 view A. This is a tunic pattern and I wanted it to be longer all the way around so I added some length in the front to match the back.

The tuck in the sleeve and the ruffle at the neck really set it apart. The back has elastic that goes from each side seam and is attached to the drawstring in the front. Super light weight fabric. At the point of this picture, I had washed it 4 times. Love it. Are you seeing a pattern. My fabric has to be wash and wear. I plan to use this pattern to make a tunic to wear with leggings. The fabric is in the que line to be sewn!

This top is super cute! The fabric is really sheer, I'm wearing a white cami under it. Kind of tricky to sew. Flimsy, stretchy wow, needed lots of patience for this one. And of course I did it in a couple of days just before packing for the trip. Again a Simplicity pattern 2599 view F. I love ruffles but almost did not put the bow on the front. That would have been a big mistake. The bow really makes it! It is elastic at the waste. I too have more fabric waiting to make this, next time no elastic waste.

That's the fashion show for today. I hope you are having a good start to your summer. I know I am. Leave me a comment if you have questions or just want to say hi!

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